Protesting is a democratic right and it is enshrined in law as part of the Human Rights Act. It should not be met with contempt or violence. That’s it, bottom line, that is inappropriate and wrong. Too many people are being needlessly harassed, assaulted, injured, targeted and victimised by police, private security and even civilians somehow assisting them! The police rely on individuals giving up on their complaint because it’s too stressful, problematic or they feel intimidated. Together we stand up to the injustice and say enough is enough; we want to bring much needed scrutiny to bear on the way in which protestors are treated.  This critical information is used to show – and challenge – the truth on the front line. 

If you have witness protestors being treated inappropriately or you have been involved in an incident, use our Incident Report to tell us about it. 

  • Aims and objectives

To empower, facilitate and support individuals who wish to make a complaint against the perpetrators of the inappropriate events they have either experienced or witnessed. We act to fill the gap between an incident happening and people simply wanting to, but not making a complaint, by giving them the “how”.  This enables those complaints to be made, effectively and followed through to a satisfactory conclusion.