(Let’s make this clear, this is not about planning to be arrested!)

Some people need to be organised.  If you attend a protest there is the possibility that, even if you are not involved in an incident, you may be inappropriately targeted or arrested.  To have a plan, particularly if you have responsibilities such as children, pets or people you care for, may help you relax in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of if you are delayed!  (Make sure your support network has a copy of the plan and a house key!  If you feel it appropriate why not share your plan with your kids, or the person you care for, and ask them to input to it.)


You may wish to include a personal message to your kids to reassure them, ie: [Childs name/s] – firstly, please know more than anything else I love you and I’m going to be ok. You will be too because we have a great plan in place and great people to support us. Please try not to worry or be upset, I’ll be home as quickly as I can be. I love you – see you soon x  Y

So, if – and when – the time comes, here is the plan:

  • Contact names and phone numbers for people who will look after your kids – they all have a copy of this plan.  One of them will collect you from school (I would advise you to put these people’s names as approved contacts on your kids school record to save complications)
  • You can ring any of these people to find out any more information.
  • Arrestee support should be put in place (usually by name) so when I’m released I can be brought back home.
  • Name and address of people who will look after pets and what the plan is in case kids are being looked after away from home
  • My solicitor is name of company, phone number
  • Green and Black Cross may be notified….  07946 541511 and a Legal Observer may have phoned my arrest details in
  • What your “code” name/word is if you are planning on using one

USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT [dependent’s name/s] AND [pet’s name]

  • Car will be at the gates! (or wherever it is)
  • School – name of school and phone number.  Specific school contacts if appropriate.  Children/s year group and class number.  School starts at time and finishes at time. 
  • In my diary (ie:  on my desk) you will see if there is anything coming up tonight/tomorrow you need to be aware of.
  • Kids have house keys.  Spare car key is kept where?
  • My phone number
  • [Dependent]  phone number
  • [Other] phone number
  • Food – special dietary requirements
  • [Dependent]  has medication [instructions]
  • Doctor’s phone number [if necessary]
  • [Dependent’s] quirks and favourite things
  • Where specific things are in house that kids might need
  • Routine – morning/evening
  • Instructions for pets
  • Work – does anyone need to be told if you work in the evening etc