Things to take to a protest / demo:

  • Coat / waterproofs
  • Hat and gloves NO scarf (if it gets caught it could hurt you)
  • Comfy shoes (closed toe)
  • Backpack
  • Food / drink
  • Sun cream
  • Notebook / pen
  • Phone – you may wish to take a basic one without masses of personal data/contacts on it!
  • Small amount of money – you don’t need masses of cards (ID) on you!
  • Just in case, some people write their solicitors and the Green and Black Cross phone numbers on their arm in Sharpie – it’s unlikely you’ll lose your arm!
  • Bust card details
  • Placard / banner
  • Whistle
  • Printed Incident Report

NB: do not take anything sharp, suspicious items, permanent pen (you could be accused of vandalism/criminal damage) or items of value