First time protester?

It’s smart to be prepared!  If you are a first time protester maybe buddy up with someone who is familiar with the type of protest you are attending.  They may be able to give you information on the type of policing, if there is a pattern of behaviour from other protesters and so on.

Whilst peaceful protest is desirable, sometimes rogue elements create disruption.  It is worth knowing some basic information before going to into a protest environment.  The links below will help you.

LEGAL OBSERVERS – are trained volunteers who act in a neutral capacity to record the events of the day.  They will take details of incidents from protestors. (Orange or green bibs.)

REMEMBER:  The police, whether in yellow (operational), blue bibs (Liaison Officer) or orange bibs (Evidence Gatherers), they are INTELLIGENCE GATHERERS.  They are building a profile on protestors.  They are not your friend, no matter how friendly they appear to be.


  • NO COMMENT – you don’t need to answer any police questions, so don’t!
  • NO PERSONAL DETAILS – you don’t need to give your details, even in a stop and search situation (unless you are driving a vehicle in which case you do – name, address and you may be asked for date of birth)
  • WHAT POWER? – what am I being arrested for, what’s the reason?  Challenge them as they may not be acting lawfully.
  • NO DUTY SOLICITOR – duty solicitors often don’t have good protest experience – check out the link to solicitors here
  • NO CAUTION – accepting a caution is an admission of guilt, so don’t accept it!