Poem – “The Red Line”

The Red Line

Do you know how it feels to toe the red line?
Protesting against Ecocide, the absolute crime
When it’s down to our generation to shift the paradigm

When the arrow of time turns anti clockwise
A century from now it will come as no surprise
But right here, we’ve been dealt this pack of lies

I hear an urgent voice telling me I can’t wait
Blindly, wildly, leap! And don’t think to hesitate
Allow the synchronicities of love to permeate

It won’t happen by anticipating it’s happening
We won’t be saved by any second coming
Frankly, I can feel it as the minutes go on ticking

Each breath that we breath is utterly vital
The desperations, the delusions, increasingly feral
That’s the dread of an organism placed in peril

Dear God it’s a war! A war of attrition
All hope of sanity overcast by aspersion
Help me coz I find me sen praying for annihilation

Well Comrades, it’s down to us to hold the red line
In bitter protest against Ecocide that’ll end time
If we don’t believe that we can shift the paradigm

Read by Olaf – credit to the muses (Candlelit vigil – KM8 – 19/09/18)

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