Assault? Result!

Tigger warning : this video contains aggressive behaviour and swearing. Video link to incident here

Today, Protest Justice received the results of a recent complaint.  In July, at Rathlin’s West Newton B acidization site* in East Yorkshire, a supplier’s driver took exception to being filmed during his delivery.  Jumping out of his truck, he was both physically and verbally abusive to a male protester, resulting in the driver receiving a police caution for assault

We hear all too often that protesters have experienced – or witnessed – a vehicle being driven at them.  So often they accept it and don’t do a thing about it.  Today justice was served, because a complaint was made, supported by concrete evidence.

People filming in public or walking slowly in front of a vehicle is a perfectly legal form of peaceful monitoring or direct action; a driver bumping them with the vehicle is not an appropriate response!  Wherever protesters gather, others who disagree with them all too often take it upon themselves to use intimidatory actions to show their disapproval.  Members of the public, security, employees and suppliers have all been known to use vehicles as weapons.  Quite often the police turn a blind eye.  I will say this very clearly – these actions are wrong and we want to hear about them.

I’ve seen this happen – what do I do? Protest Justice is gathering evidence to support complaints of this nature from protests across the UK.  We will protect your identity if you wish, however, we really need to hear your story.  Simply message us through our social media or the Incident Report on our website.

Your voice must be heard – if you do nothing, nothing will change.

*Acidisation is a stimulation technique, used to release oil and gas from unyielding rock such as sandstone or limestone. It involves injecting solutions of acids and other chemicals into the ground, either to clean the well, or to create passageways through the rock, along which oil or gas can flow.