Do you go to protests or rallies?

Have you witnessed – or been the victim of – aggressive, unfair or disproportionate behaviour by the police, private security or someone else whilst protesting? It’s time to challenge it! Protest Justice empowers and supports people in making complaints about these actions to hold the perpetrators to account. Our work is supported by Netpol, GBC and a number of legal professionals.




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There's a rising tide of #misogyny but the Met Commissioner says it shouldn't be a crime as "we should be focusing on the things that the public tell me they care about most.” So we'd best let @metpoliceuk know we care about women being attacked.

Counter-terrorism police list that included Extinction Rebellion was shared across government, not just by the regional police unit in the south-east

@SamWalton @TRCdocumentary We are pushing nationally to stop using the "domestic extremist" label against political dissent. Already sustained pressure has forced government departments to abandon it. Its use by the police is clearly untenable. For more on Netpol's campaign see

When we respond to the police labelling campaigners as "domestic extremists", Netpol's @SamWalton says it's important we don't say "I shouldn't be on this list" We need to say this list shouldn't exist. Watch the full interview by @TRCdocumentary at

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