Do you go to protests or rallies?

Have you witnessed – or been the victim of – aggressive, unfair or disproportionate behaviour by the police, private security or someone else whilst protesting? It’s time to challenge it! Protest Justice empowers and supports people in making complaints about these actions to hold the perpetrators to account. Our work is supported by Netpol, GBC and a number of legal professionals.




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HS2 AN IMPORTANT UPDATE . Some favourable and pertinent action from @NaturalEngland regarding bats and news of my injunction hearing tomorrow to cease environmentally damaging works pending a Judicial Review application . With thanks to my brilliant lawyers at @LeighDay_Law

[Long read]: “These powers get put in place, and it sounds reasonable enough at the time – and then very quickly they’re applied for other purposes that have nothing to do with democracy and nothing to do with public safety”

If you've ever wondered whether people in Britain might eagerly denounce their neighbours to the authorities at the first opportunity, then here are the latest receipts. It's not all mutual aid out there

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3 days ago

Protest Justice

We stand in solidarity with #ournhs. It in inconceivable that Doctors, Nurses and hospital support staff amongst others who work in the social care sector are being treated as collateral damage. We strongly support the heroes on the front line who are being badly let down with woefully inadequate PPE putting them in dangerous situations and then being threatened if they speak up about their concerns. HOW DARE the authorities - just because the Government messed up royally doesn't mean they shouldn't be held to account for their shortcomings. Three weeks ago we were told PPE was in place for all and more was being despatched. It hadn't even been ordered.

Doctors claim they have been gagged over protective equipment shortages
Exclusive: Staff on frontline of pandemic warned not to speak out about concerns over lack of protective gear

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