Do you go to protests or rallies?

Have you witnessed – or been the victim of – aggressive, unfair or disproportionate behaviour by the police, private security or someone else whilst protesting? It’s time to challenge it! Protest Justice empowers and supports people in making complaints about these actions to hold the perpetrators to account. Our work is supported by Netpol, GBC and a number of legal professionals.




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Yesterday this man verbally + physically attacked members of @xryouthus Peaceful protest must not be met with violence, it is inappropriate + wrong. If this had happened on a night out the police would be more interested. What are they doing to investigate this? Who is this man?


Kurds and friends protest at Heathrow Airport near the Turkish Airlines desk in protest against Turkey's ethnic cleansing against the Kurds & calling for travellers to #BoycottTurkishAirlines

Thousands out defending UK citizens' rights to peaceful protest & demanding action on #climatecrisis

We can only achieve social justice, racial equality and climate justice by standing together for #systemchange 💚

#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateChange #socialjustice

On my way home in my electric car to be greeted in Whitehall by thousands of peaceful @ExtinctionR @XRebellionUK @XRLondon #ExtentionRebellion protesting government inaction on #ClimateEmergency under huge excessive police presence. Solidarity to the rebels.

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19 hours ago

Protest Justice

Yesterday Extinction Rebellion experienced violence from members of the public in response to the non violent direct action they were taking. What are the police doing to about those who assaulted the protesters? These people, as seen on the @ITVnews video, appear to be two of the key players who attacked the guy filming the action.
No matter what your view, peaceful protest should never be met with violence.


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